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“The land very much dictates the design at Bar Run – it’s a reclamation project for the mining operation, and that gave me a lot of flexibility to design a memorable, challenging golf course with a surprising amount of width at the same time. When you have this landscape — with no homes, a mix of large ponds, beautiful trees, the riverside setting along holes 10, 11 and 8 — and ownership like the Guido family who wanted to build a fun experience both on and off the golf course, it fires up your creativity.”

-Dan Hixson, Golf Course Designer

Welcome to Bar Run!

Built on reclaimed sand-gravel mines on the serene banks of Roseburg, Oregon’s South Umpqua River, Bar Run is a spectacular new golf course designed by Pacific Northwest native Dan Hixson. Take in the view and play an extra round when you stay at our brand-new RV Resort and Cottages.

Bar Run is a remarkable place. Beyond our spectacular course and gleaming new RV Resort, we are surrounded by an abundance of attractions, including downtown Roseburg, sweeping mountain vistas, wine country, and idyllic river bends.

Today, the South Umpqua River serves as the northern border of the golf course along the 8th, 10th, and 11th holes, but it once completely covered this little pocket of the American West. When Umpqua Sand & Gravel opened for business in the 1960s, our objective was to mine the land’s “river bar” layer for round rock, sand and gravel on the river bank. 

The “Bar Run” name offers homage to hitting pay dirt, which gets excavated, washed, and sifted into various materials used in construction, agriculture, landscaping, and golf course development. Simply put, “Bar Run” is the foundation of this golf course. That’s why we chose it as a namesake — a tip of the hard hat to geological history and a business built from the ground up. 

“Bar Run” is the foundation for everything we do at Bar Run Golf and RV Resort— and everything we’re building for the future. In fact, golfers often get a glimpse into Umpqua Sand & Gravel’s daily mining operations on and off the fairways at Umpqua Sand & Gravel. One of our iconic, and dare we say, rustic dragline buckets stands between the 14th fairway and 16th green. 

Of course, if you want to interpret “Bar Run” as your own personal “run to the bar” after 9, 18, 36 (or more!) holes, we’ll always have a tasty beverage waiting for you. 

Bar Run will host the 49th Pacific Northwest Men Master Amateur Championship on August 26 – 30, 2024. We are so proud to host the PNGA Master-40 this year. The championship has consistently been held at some of the finest clubs since 1976. Come out and watch! 

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Bar Run is located at the Umpqua Sand & Gravel mine at 620 Shady Drive, Roseburg, OR 97471.

The best route is to head west off Interstate 5 using the NW Garden Valley Boulevard exit, take a left onto Melrose Road (4.9 miles), and then take a right onto Shady Drive (.9 miles). Once you’ve arrived on the mining property look for signs pointing to the temporary golf parking and check-in tent.